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 A spring ’13men ‘s style by Christian Louboutin.

Photo by Courtesy of ChristianLouboutin

Christian Louboutin keen intuition in business beyond the accessories market developments give him confidence. In 2013, the brand’s beauty product line will be listed. Despite his tight-lipped about the details for Beauty Series, but this move is no doubt that the company’s future business development.

he said, “can not say this is all thanks to myself, I just caught the inspiration of one or two.”

Despite the designer himself for the future development of confidence, but still reluctant to discuss the zapatos christian louboutin success . It is learned that the brand with annual sales of over 300 million U.S. dollars, the future is expected to maintain double-digit growth momentum.

Christian Louboutin I remain humble, but also self-confidence in their own in the fashion industry in the top position.

“Some successful way is it, like magic, like a chemical change.”

but luxury retailers is very clear, zapatos christian louboutin brand’s success rule.

Neiman Marcus, senior vice president, fashion director Ken Downing, “said the designer I wanted to seize the woman, and make them work for designers deeply fascinated.” “Through constant innovation, to maintain freshness. ”

Saks Fifth Avenue president and chief product officer Ron Frasch said designer charisma continues to climb, the most typical example is the store brand exhibition organized within the consumer received a great welcome. “zapatos christian louboutin appeal seems to transcend everyone,” Some customers prefer rafts 3-4 hours should meet with a team. “He has a great statesman general charm.”

With high consumer loyalty, zapatos christian louboutin intent to create a new chapter in his storied career. Designers fanatical plans granted will attract more support and attention, but he is also very clear about the challenges: “there is a lot of innovation.”

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