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Red Empire: Christian Louboutin defenders in the end
you ever envisioned Christian Louboutin will become a global brand it?

Christian Louboutin: I never plan too. I must say, was surprised to hear some people early in the company’s founder said, “5 years I want to launch a perfume, 10 years, I want doing the doing.” Who knows what will happen after it? Everything is a surprise to me, be able to enjoy these surprises makes me happy is a surprise. Of course, the program is also indispensable, but the program is also changing.

With the brand more and more successful, you feel the pressure increases?

Christian Louboutin: The pressure is also a pleasure. The company’s entire team in unison, our business ideas and innovation has always been linked.

your company reportedly has close corporate culture, corporate culture has been any such challenge it?

Christian Louboutin: the DNA of the company’s failure is a common “company” concept included. I am also a very superstitious person. For example, I learned from Paris [Rue] Jean-Jacques Rousseau started, even if the company needs to expand office space, but I always say “no.” I can not leave this place. From a commercial point of view this is not a wise decision, but it also shows respect for people, you have to keep that way.

louboutin men series has become the brand’s development priorities. What does it have on the ways and means to stir men’s pursuit of fashion?

Christian Louboutin: There are some men more feminine way of thinking, for the purchase of “new things” There is a natural excitement. I found some of the blog, these men are very concerned about men’s conference will also christian louboutin men as favorite thing. Of course, there are also a matter of taste rather conservative for men. One pair of shoes for 25 years, may be treated as a family heirloom passed down to his son or grandson. Women on this point is not the case.

you will only design shoes according to your preferences it?

Christian Louboutin: No, I prefer the classic style, often turns to wear three pairs of shoes. I do not wear boots. I like hiking canvas shoes, do not wear them because one of my feet a little high, they are not comfortable wearing; Second, I’m wearing does not look good. More rugged body is more suitable for mountain men canvas shoes. Who for what, what is not the same hobby.

you are in Paris, New York and London have opened stores. Los Angeles shop being prepared. Why should men and women merchandise to sell merchandise separated?

Christian christian louboutin for men : last year began to do so. Men’s products in the female shop strange. Take shop in Paris, I hope for a variety of men, such as reporters, provide resting places around the world, one has he loves shoes apartment.
male consumption growth, how much space?

Christian Louboutin: have occupied a large share. New York store business on the first day, three hours sold 240 pairs of shoes.

what became initiator online and offline brand cosmetic reasons?

Christian Louboutin: There are some consumers reflect Louboutin Nail product launches have our symbolic red. I never heard of such a product, but everybody thinks that we have such a product, so I think we should seize this opportunity.

beauty line can reveal some details under what?

Christian Louboutin: no comment, which is 20 years, shoes and bags outside the category of the first attempt.

also possible to explore other categories it?

Christian Louboutin: In the past 10 years I have received various categories of plans, from the car, glasses to swimwear. But each one is right. Name printed on the streets is not my style. Christian christian louboutin mens shoes is not authorized to operate.

with the YSL brand on appeal, you spend a lot of time and effort, in October of this lawsuit have conclusive. Why do you attach so much importance in the law iconic brand red?

Christian Louboutin: I am not an aggressive person, but must also defend the brand equity. I am glad that the U.S. courts (in fact, the New York Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit) determination of Christian Louboutin red soles become timeless brand logo. I have a large number of a group of luxury brands such infringement dissatisfied. They would think that I would not stand up to defend their brand identity do? Gucci brand, with red and green plaid logo. Who says the color of a brand can not be patented? Many people are supporting us. I was not only fighting for myself, but also for the support of our customers, design, logo company based fighting.

brand’s aesthetic design philosophy for many years if there have been changes?

Christian Louboutin: The biggest change is the height of the heel. “High-heeled” standard in changing. I remember 9 cm high heels available, people exclaim: “God wow, this is too high.” But now there is people say he will not wear less than 4-5 inches (10.16-12.7 cm) shoes to go out. In the shoe’s history, yet there is such a high-heeled. My design draft on the height of shoes are high, I hope the finished product can be faithful to the original design.

design draft mostly preserved it?

Christian Louboutin: now saved. 7-8 years in the beginning, I did not preserved. One day there is a girl I work with screaming at me, saying that I will one day regret it. So I started saving design draft, she helped me save. Purpose is very simple, not to become a legend or history, just to continue to create it.

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